About us

The game masters

YourNextMission consists of Jolanda, Joris and Rinie. Together we are responsible for all organization, communication, artwork, logistics and crazy events.
We want to combine the Race with other game types we’ve already had ideas for the past few years. So expect a new assignment from us every time: YourNextMission.


Our next mission started in the summer of 2016, when we finally dared to convert our hobby into a company.

We know each other from intriguing, diplomatic werewolf games, Wie is de Mol?-events and many board game sessions. We like to share our love for board games and puzzles with others: all three of us have been organizing events for some time. In 2015, this team set up a succesful gaming weekend for friends.

The pilot of the Amazing Race in June 2016, organized by Rinie, Michiel, Joeri and Sytske (and where both Jolanda and Joris were participants) turned out to be such a success, we immediately continued this format. We’d like to thank the game masters and participants of this pilot, boosting our enthousiasm and inspiriation so greatly.

Company details

Name Stichting YourNextMission
City ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Chamber of Commerce 67997589
Bank account NL88 BUNQ 2290 4230 09


Questions and comments can be sent to: info@yournextmission.nl
Follow us on facebook: http://facebook.com/yournextmission