Welcome to YourNextMission!

Our events guarantee intelligent puzzle games, giving everyone a challenge in finding the solution. No game is the same and you never know what to expect. An adventure that you will remember for a long time. Is this also YourNextMission?

Our game types


icoon_race race bordspel GPS gpstocht wandelen bordspel escape citygame game puzzel puzzleThe Race

Do you want a day of completing missions with your team mate? Our app will send you assignments, guiding you to different locations within a Dutch city. The first team to reach the finish line will be the winner of The Race!


icoon_king spel sociaal groep cafe bordspel puzzel avondThe King

Don’t mind playing dirty diplomatic tricks? While enjoying a drink together, we determine which prince will be crowned the next king. Is this the prince you have been supporting all the time? Then you will win together with your King.


icoon_mainframe spel puzzel puzzle ontsnappen escape escaperoom team bordspel computerMainframe

Are you good enough to penetrate the Mainframe? Mainframe is a puzzle game that requires all of your puzzle skill. In each level you get a mysterious assignment where you have to come up with an answer. But first you have to figure out what the question is…



Right now we are focusing on creating events for individuals, but we’re all ears to customize one of our games for your company.
If you are interested, please contact us and together we look at the possibilities.


YourNextMission started organizing events in February 2017. So we’re right in the middle of our startup and we welcome all feedback. Do you have any ideas how to make our events (or website) even more fun? They are much appreciated!

Mail your feedback and questions to info@yournextmission.nl
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