Gift cards & Group activities

1 juli 2018

Are you looking for a unique gift for a birthday or special occasion? Order your giftcard from YourNextMission now! We can customize them and translate them into English of course.

Are you looking for an original and adventurous group activity for your friends, colleagues or family? We will look for options to help you organizing it. State your wishes in this webform and we will contact you soon.

The Race: The rescue of Lady Stardust

26 mei 2018

The bookings for the new Race are open! The new adventure will start at Leiden Central Station at 22nd and 29th September.

Will you join us for The Race: The rescue of Lady Stardust?
Read more on the event page or book directly.

Update privacy

24 mei 2018

The GDPR will also affect YourNextMission. We updated our privacy policy and will not store any personal information longer than necessary. If you want to know more, read our general terms and conditions (only in Dutch for now) or send us an email.

Photo page with more impressions

05 februari 2018

Our photo page received a makeover. All the memorable moments from The Race can be viewed at Photos.

We also received a few nice reviews, thank you! All our reviews are in Dutch.

The Race: The lost Rodereau – repetition

04 januari 2018

We will repeat The Race: The lost Rodereau two more times. Didn’t you play this scenario yet, find a great teammate and sign up.
We will organise this event at 7th and 14th April 2018. We will start once more from Utrecht Central Station.
Book now.

Mainframe: Bunker C314

26 oktober 2017

Today we opened the booking for our first Mainframe event!

The title for this first Mainframe is Bunker C314. You have to escape this bunker by beating the security system with your team. You can read more about this event on the event page: Mainframe: Bunker C314.

We will play the game in the fortress FORTtreffelijk in Markerbinnen at Sunday 7th January. We only have room for 4 teams, so if you don’t want to miss it, assemble a team quickly and book now! This game is only available in Dutch.

The Race: The lost Rodereau

21 augustus 2017

Bookings for the new Race are open!
You can sign up for The Race: The lost Rodereau immediately if you want to be sure to have a spot in the first 16 teams.
The Race: The lost Rodereau will be played at 18th November and 2nd December and we we will start the adventure on Utrecht Central Station.

Book now!

The Race in September!

09 mei 2017

Did you miss our first Race in April? New chance: in September you can join us. However, this Race is still in Dutch only.

The Race: De wraak van Don Cappello will be played twice: on Saturday 23rd September and 30th September. You can sign up with a partner, or by yourself, so we can match you with another individual player. Book now!

We have Facebook

28 februari 2017

This week we also launched our Facebook page! We will regularly post something on there for extra fun! So follow YourNextMission on Facebook to stay fully updated on all the latest news and gossip. You can of course chat with other contestants in the comments and share your pre-thoughts for an event.

All important messages will be displayed on the website and any information you need for an event will always end up in your e-mail. Facebook is not required.

We’ve started!

23 februari 2017

The website is live! Feel free to click around on all the great pages we created for you. And together with the website: our company started as well!

From today on the bookings for our first event are open! The Race: De wraak van Don Cappello is only playable in Dutch. Do you speak Dutch and want to play along: book your spot now!

Do you want to receive our (Dutch) newsletter? Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date when new events are planned. We will only sent a mail a couple of times a year.