The Race EN


What is The Race?

In The Race you will compete as a duo with other teams. New missions will appear on your Android phone, which will guide you to different locations within a city in the Netherlands. The first team to reach the finish line will win The Race!

The Race is inspired by the television series The Amazing Race and by using our own innovative style and game rules we accommodate a game which can be played in the Netherlands within a day. During the game we will test your puzzling abilities, co-operation, physical condition and capability to think outside the box. We are always looking for enthusiastic contestants.

Are you motivated to try any unexpected challenge? Are you ready to team up for a day full of adventures? Then The Race will be YourNextMission!

The Race consists of an intensive and full day of competition, starting at 10 am and finishing around 6 pm. Afterwards all contestants are invited to an optional dinner, giving you an excellent possibility to learn the experiences of the other teams and share your own. Each Race allows for 10 teams and therefore 20 contestants.

Be aware you have to able to walk a considerable distance during the day. We have to look case-by-case whether minors can play along: you will go out without supervision and are responsible yourself. You can only participate a specific Race once, but you are very welcome to also try the other Races or any of our other games!


Future events:

There are currently no new races that can be played in English.

What to expect?

We will gather at 9:30 am in or near one of the major train stations in the Netherlands. After the arrival of all teams, we will start with a short introduction. This is also the time to get to know your game masters and opponents. Every team will be handed one YourNextMission-backpack, which includes materials you might have to use during the day. At precisely 10:00 am, all teams will simultaneously start their first mission of the day.

In the game you will race from one mission to the next. The Android app shows your current assignment, which you will try to complete as fast as possible. Sometimes this means typing in an answer, sometimes it requires you to go to a certain location. After completing a mission, you will immediately receive your next one. But you will never know what assignment is coming. Will it be a puzzle? Will you have to use your inner detective? Will you need strength? Or should you get creative?

During the course of the day a couple of intermissions are included, which gives you the opportunity to eat your lunch and use the toilet. These intermissions are dubbed Breakpoints. The first team to arrive on a Breakpoint, will also be the first to continue racing after the break. However, be aware: after a Breakpoint every team will start racing 3 minutes later than the team before them, regardless of the difference in arrival times. So after each Breakpoint it will be a close race again, with all teams competing for victory.

Our app is not yet available in the Android playstore. However, you could download the app via the provided link and install it by temporarily changing your settings to trust apps which are not in the playstore. Of course we can also help you to do so on the day of the Race.

As you will be intensively using your smartphone all day, the battery might drain. Therefore we strongly recommend bringing a power bank or a spare battery pack. A second smartphone (without the Race app) could also be useful to look up information online.

Not only your smartphone will have an intensive day, you should also make sure to prepare yourself for a day full of walking. Bring good (hiking) shoes and get ready for an intensive and physical day.

The first team to complete the last mission wins The Race! The first teams are expected to finish around 17:30, while the last teams usually finish around 18:30.

We are very happy to reserve you a seat for the after-Race dinner in a restaurant near the finish line. We have chosen restaurants with a varied menu and reasonable pricing. The dinner is optional and is not included in the price for The Race.

Of course we hope you will be very joyful and excited after completing your Race and we understand you would like to share the stories of your adventures with colleagues, friends and family! However, we would like to ask you not to give away any specific details of our games, as they might want to discover it themselves in a later Race.

Be aware that each Race is unique and that the times and intensiveness can be different from what is mentioned here. We will always mention this beforehand, so make sure to carefully read the description of the specific Race you would like to sign up for.


You can enter an event of The Race by using the online booking form.

You can decide to enter as a team, in which case you have to choose a team-booking and complete all the details for both players.

You can also decide to enter individually for The Race. In this case your registration will be finalized as soon as we have found you a teammate. Whenever we have received two individual bookings, we will send both of you an email with a short description of the other contestant. Only when you both agree, you will form a team and enter The Race. We will then let you know the email address of your new found teammate and you will receive the instructions for payment.
In the unusual case one contestant rather waits for a different teammate, you will both remain on the waiting list until another individual booking is made.


Your booking will turn into an official registration for The Race, as soon as we have received your payment. After completing the booking, you will receive an email with the details for the payment and an attached invoice. You can pay by making a bank transfer to the account of YourNextMission: NL88 BUNQ 2290 4230 09. To make sure your booking will not expire, we ask you to pay within 14 days of booking. After the payment is received you are officially registered for The Race!

If you have any questions or want to change anything in your booking, please send an email to and we will be happy to assist you.