The Race – The rescue of Lady Stardust

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In this Race we meet Lady Stardust, a beautiful young lady caught by accident and misfortune. Trapped in our world, she calls for our help. She wants us to send her back to her own world: a world of fairytales, myths and wonders.
But how can we send her back to her world without knowing anything about fairytales? Who can help us? Can you find the balance between reality and wonder? Can you rescue Lady Stardust?

The missions of The Race: The rescue of Lady Stardust are integrated in a narrative about a fairytales and legends. This story will provide a common theme during the day and an exciting plot to follow, but will never directly influence the execution of the missions.

Starting location Leiden central station
Start time assemble at 9:30
Finish time between 16:30 and 17:30
Price €45,- per person
Intensity about 15 kilometers
Language Dutch

Upcoming events:

There are no planned events for this race.

Past events:

  •   6 April 2019
  • 13 October 2018
  • 29 September 2018
  • 22 September 2018

Day schedule

The Race: The rescue of Lady Stardust starts at Leiden central station. We will assemble at 9:30 for a short introduction, after which all teams can start their first mission at 10:00. During the day we have planned two intermissions with time to consume the lunch you brought and to have a toilet break. The first teams are expected to finish around 16:30 and the last teams around 17:30.
About a week before the race-day you will receive an email with more specific information. If you already have questions before that time, you can always send an email to

Dinner after The Race

We are very happy to reserve a seat for you at a large table for the after-Race dinner in a restaurant near the finish line. We have chosen a restaurant with a varied menu and reasonable pricing. In your booking you can indicate if you would like to join the dinner (not included in the price for The Race). You can always change your preference later, by sending us an email.


Participating in The Race costs €45,- per person.

This includes:

  • a full day of various unique missions,
  • using our especially developed game app,
  • two drinks during the intermissions,
  • a backpack for each team, full of gaming materials and a snack,
  • many adventures and an unforgettable experience.

But this exludes the following, which we expect you to bring:

  • OV-chipkaart for the use of public transport, charged with at least €15 per person + the minimum entry fee,
  • your own lunch and some snacks for on the way,
  • data plan to use on your own smartphone,
  • a healthy amount of motivation and ambition.

First time discount*
Is The Race: The rescue of Lady Stardust your first YourNextMission event? You’ll receive a €10 discount. Just check the box on the registration form and we’ll put it on the invoice.

Friend discount*
Do you want to receive a discount while you did participate in a YourNextMission event before? Ask a friend to join! It doesn’t matter whether they form a team with you or not: for each team with at least 1 new participant naming you as referral, you’ll receive a €5 discount. It will be sent to you as a voucher by e-mail.

* Both these discounts will be in place for The Race on the 6th and 20th of 2019. We cannot guarantee recurrences.

Please read the terms and conditions.

How do I find a teammate?

Want to participate but don’t have a team? No worries. The following people are also looking to take on the challenge of The Race with a total stranger. Register yourself as an individual participant, and maybe you will win the race together!

No individual participants have been registered at the moment.

Practical information

  • Make sure you will arrive at the starting location on time, so we can start the introduction on time and you won’t miss a thing.
  • Bring your Android smartphone, including an active data plan and preferably a powerbank or spare battery pack to make your battery last the whole day.
  • During the game you are not allowed to use your own way of transportation (car, bicycle, etc.).
  • Bring your own lunch, snacks and enough to drink.
  • Wear comfortable shoes on which you can walk a full day.
  • The after-Race dinner is optional, but highly recommended!